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  • Gas chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy (GC-MS) provides tremendous analytical capability for the identification and quantification of organic compounds. The instrument will be used by diverse disciplines from animal science to human nutrition to insect ecology to soil biochemistry. The addition of chemical ionization capacity at the University of Idaho will improve the analytical capability of researchers, as it is an improvement over electronic ionization for the identification of organic compounds due to reduced fragmentation. The GC-MS will allow examination of fatty acid metabolism in lactating cows and women using stably labeled fatty acids toward efforts to improve the healthful characteristics of milk. Further, metabolism of these beneficial fatty acids can be determined within the whole animal. The addition of chemical ionization provides improved determination of organic compounds in plants, insects and soil that will lead to the identification of novel natural pesticides.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2003 - August 31, 2004

sponsor award ID

  • IDA00302-CG