Acquisition of a High-End Computer Workstation and Software for Rendering and Spatial Analysis of 3D X-ray Computed Tomography Images Grant uri icon



  • A common problem limiting current understanding of subsurface flow and transport processes is the lack of information regarding pore geometry and associated pore-scale liquid-gas-solid interactions. Fast evolving measurement technologies such as X-Ray Computed Tomography and advanced mathematical analyses present new exciting opportunities for characterization of phase distribution, pore-connectivity, and tortuosity of flow paths in porous materials. Insights gained from this study will offer new means for improving predictive models for liquid distribution and fluid flow considering 3 dimensional pore space features, and provide important information regarding macro-scale phenomena such as fast preferential transport in structured media.

date/time interval

  • August 1, 2005 - July 31, 2006

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  • IDA00503-CG