Potato Variety Improvement, Evaluation, and Management in Idaho Grant uri icon



  • The primary major objective of this research is to release new potato varieties that will directly benefit all segments of the Idaho and Northwest potato industries and indirectly benefit potato industry throughout the U.S. Variety development goals for attaining this objective include evaluating breeding material for successful use of genetic resistance to major pests and diseases, high levels of tolerance to environmental stresses, overall improved tuber quality and high yield, improved storage characteristics and processing qualities, and improved human nutritional value; developing recommendations of cultural practices needed for new varieties including planting information, nutrient and water inputs, and herbicide tolerance; and assistance with producing and maintaining high quality seed supply for variety research and development trials. Additional environment-related goals include reduced use of pesticides, water, and fertilizers with the production of improved varieties. Many of these objectives will be accomplished with the assistance of other University of Idaho personnel, and cooperators from the USDA/ARS, Oregon State University, and Washington State University. Specific research objectives include:a) Cooperate with USDA-ARS scientists in evaluating advanced selections for resistance to major pests and diseases, b) Evaluate advanced selections for high levels of tolerance to environmental stress and resistance to hollow heart, blackspot and shatter bruise, heat necrosis, vascular discoloration, sugar-ends, second growth, and growth cracks, c) Evaluate advanced selections for tuber quality and yield, d) Evaluate advanced selections for increased nutrient- and water-use efficiency, e) Evaluate advanced selections for physical and biochemical quality parameters over a range of storage temperatures, and f) Evaluate potential new varieties with respect to their ability to satisfy buyers and consumer demand in each market segment of the potato industry.

date/time interval

  • May 1, 2007 - September 30, 2008

sponsor award ID

  • IDA00708-STH