Dissemination of Information for Pacific Northwest (PNW) Direct Seed and Conservation Tillage Systems Technologies Grant uri icon



  • Idaho growers and grower advisers need access to current research results on and experiences with residue management, crops and rotations, equipment options, pest control strategies, fertility and other management considerations to develop and maintain successful direct seed and conservation tillage systems. Lack of knowledge about successful management strategies and technologies for direct seed and conservation tillage systems, along with limited grower experience, are still major impediments to adaptation. The size and complexity of tri-state research efforts and limited focus on integration of results into PNW cropping systems in our diverse cropping regions have also been obstacles to grower access to new technologies. Historically, extension educational efforts in the region were focused within respective county and state extension boundaries. In contrast, the PNW Extension programs have facilitated integration of new management technologies as part of cropping systems strategies and made them more accessible to growers in applicable production areas throughout the Northwest. This project disseminates information on conservation tillage research to growers through several means.

date/time interval

  • May 1, 2007 - September 30, 2008

sponsor award ID

  • IDA00712-STH



  • Kok, H   Principal Investigator   2007 - 2008