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  • The potato cyst nematode (Globodera pallida) is a recently introduced pest of potatoes in the United States. While the source of the introduction of G. pallida in Idaho is unknown, the potential impact of this nematode on the potato based agricultural economy in southern Idaho is significant. Research on the development of methodology to prevent the spread of this nematode outside of the currently infested fields and the potential eradication of G. pallida from the invested fields is needed. This project proposes to investigate chemical and biological approaches to controlling G. pallida. The first objective of the project is to develop laboratory methods for the production of G. pallida juveniles and cysts for laboratory and greenhouse studies on eradication methods for G. pallida. Without a consistent supply of nematodes and cysts it will be difficult to rapidly develop control strategies. As part of this objective, laboratory methods will be developed to evaluate potential chemical and biological compounds for their effect on nematode survival and cyst viability. A third part of this objective is to evaluate laboratory methods to pre-screen potential trap species for G. pallida to maximize efforts in the greenhouse and field to identify plant species that can be used to eliminate G. pallida cysts from invested fields. The second objective is to identify microbial, fungal and plant biocontrol agents that could be deployed in the field to reduce or eliminate G. pallida nematodes and cysts. The microbial and fungal biocontrol agents will be isolated from field collected cysts that show little or no hatching of juveniles. Plant level biocontol control will be approached by evaluating trap plants and potato genotypes that may carry resistance to G. pallida that could be deployed in infested fields to reduce the cyst level by inducing hatching while not supporting reproduction of G. pallida. By combining several approaches to control G. pallida it is anticipated that a management plan for G. pallida infested field will be developed that will lead to the elimination of G. pallida from Idaho potato production fields and minimize the economic impact of this nematode on the potato production based agricultural economy of the western United States.

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  • August 1, 2008 - July 31, 2011

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  • IDA00804-SG