Coordination, Development and Delivery of Water Resource Programs in the Pacific Northwest Grant uri icon



  • The land grant institutions in the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Indian College, Oregon State University, University of Alaska, University of Idaho, Washington State University) in cooperation with EPA Region 10, USDA-CSREES and USDA-NRCS have been addressing these issues in a coordinated manner for the last eight years. All proposed programming efforts are based on needs assessment studies and stakeholder input through advisory committees. On an annual basis significant regional programming outputs will include: (1) a watershed themed satellite conference, (2) 24 PNW WATER UPDATE newsletters, (3) regional Extension county faculty training, (4) a regional research/Extension conference, (5) an enhanced regional website, (6) evaluation of programming impacts using survey instruments, and (7) water resource programming to support regions 8 and 9 [The West] and the national program. Our short term outcomes include: (1) improved consumer knowledge about water issues, (2) changes in public behaviors and practices about water resource issues, (3) improved awareness of land grant institution capabilities to address water issues, and (4) improved public motivation and awareness about water issues. Our long-term outcomes include: (1) increased regional capacity to deal with water issues, (2) improved region-wide water quality, and (3) improved water conservation.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2008 - August 31, 2013

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  • IDA00808-OG