Alaska Potato IPM Scouting Manual: a Pocket Guide in English and Russian Grant uri icon



  • There are no Alaskan IPM manuals specifically directed for field scouting, nor are there any such manuals in Russian, the language of Alaska's primary farm labor force. Additionally, the manual has the potential to be an extremely valuable pest management tool for the underserved Alaska potato growing region. At the 2009 Alaska State Potato Grower's Meeting in Palmer Alaska, the Idaho Field Guide to Potato Pests was introduced and distributed. Stakeholder feedback from that distribution, strongly indicated the need for an "Alaskanized" version of the field guide, printed in both English and Russian. The Alaska Pest Management Program Advisory Committee, unanimously supported the idea of developing such a manual and indicated that it would be an invaluable tool for Alaska potato producers. The "Alaskanized" version of the Idaho Field Guide to Potato Pests proposes to outline a scouting plan for potatoes according to crop stage, and will target economically damaging pests at each of the crop stages. Included will be photos identifying the pest and the damage it causes, with a brief explanation of how to determine whether or not the pest has reached economically damaging levels. Also included will be photos of beneficial insects commonly found in Alaska potato fields, pages for inventory notes, and a scouting map. This field guide would be one tool in an overall IPM strategy for Alaska potato production. The model for developing this field guide is the existing Idaho Field Guide to Potato Pests. The Idaho Field Guide will be revised to highlight Alaska potato pests that have been previously identified by at the regional Pest Management Strategic Plan for PNW Potatoes. Field training on use of the field guide will be provided and users will be asked to evaluate the scouting manual.

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  • August 1, 2010 - February 28, 2013

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  • IDA01001-OG