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  • The Pacific Northwest Canola Research Program (PNWCRP), which is part of the National Canola Research Program (NCRP), emphasizes collaborative and multidisciplinary research driven by producer needs to enhance and expand canola production and quality in the region. Accordingly, a primary goal of the PNWCRP is to develop and expand the research and extension base needed to support the canola industry in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The PNWCRP funds an array of cooperative research studies involving research and extension faculty in the State Agricultural Experiment Systems of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and research scientist in USDA-ARS. Projects funded through this program include development of canola germplasm to meet human health, bioproducts and agronomic production needs, variety testing and release, development of winter canola production systems, canola biodiesel and by-product utilization, improved integrated crop and pest management practices that include water and nutrient management, rotational crop benefits and residue management, and generating pesticide efficacy data in support of pesticide registrations. Research proposed in the current proposal focuses on winter and spring canola variety development in different environments throughout the PNW, the affect of agronomic factors such as earlier seeding dates and limited fall irrigation on winter canola production throughout the region, and the benefits of including spring canola in crop rotations. Knowledge generated from PNWCRP research projects is extended to clientele through publications, workshops, field tours, and conferences.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2014

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  • IDA01101-SG



  • Thill, Donn   Principal Investigator   2011 - 2014