Functional Biopolymer Edible Film-Coating Development for its Commercial Applications Grant uri icon



  • Antimicrobial/antioxidant biopolymer edible films and coatings have recently been in the spotlight of food science for microbial safety. However, their commercial application in food industry has not been populated due to (i) high cost of pure biopolymer materials to purchase for commercial production; (ii) insufficient mechanical (tensile), barrier, and color properties of the film-coatings to be practically used; and (iii) lack of kinetic studies supporting the advantages of antimicrobial/antioxidant edible films and coatings against direct applications of antimicrobial/antioxidant substances. The purpose of this project is to develop biopolymer edible film-coatings that are practically applicable to commercial production of food products with their reduced material costs and improved mechanical, barrier, and color properties as well as antimicrobial/antioxidant properties.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2007 - June 30, 2012

sponsor award ID

  • IDA01370



  • Min, Sea C   Principal Investigator   2007 - 2012