Development and Application of Molecular Markers Related to the Improvement of Potatoes and Wheat Grant uri icon



  • Research proposed here will develop and apply molecular markers in potato and wheat. Development includes identifying new markers and improving existing markers, as well as finding new uses for existing markers. New markers will be identified through mapping projects and through utilization of marker and sequence databases. Improvement of markers will attempt to modify existing protocols to increase efficiency and lower cost and in some cases identify alternative markers that might be more suitable. This process also includes testing of new protocols to improve functionality. One goal is to identify molecular markers that can take advantage of the polyploidy nature of potato and wheat. New technologies will be evaluated and utilized to increase the functionality of existing and new markers. Molecular markers can be used for many purposes and will be developed with these uses in mind. Markers can aid in the identification of plants with a particular gene of interest, and also identify plants with more than one gene. They also increase our understanding of complex traits. Ideally these applications will lead to better potato and wheat lines for growers.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2015

sponsor award ID

  • IDA01417