Digital Modeling of Podzolization in Volcanic Ash Mantles Along Environmental Gradients in the Inland Northwest Region Grant uri icon



  • This proposed project will focus on soils formed in higher-elevation volcanic ash-influenced terrain of northern Idaho and northeastern Washington. These soils have a much different root-zone environment than do the other geographically associated soils of the region. Most of the area in which these soils potentially occur is part of the US National Forest system and has not been subject to detailed soil investigation or mapping. As a result, the environmental factors influencing the formation of these soils are not well understood, and their geographic extent has not been documented. More importantly from the perspective of the National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS) program, the presence of these soils has not been recognized in existing US Forest Service soil inventories of the region. As efforts to incorporate these National Forest soil inventories into the National Soil Information System and Web Soil Survey have recently been initiated, a better understanding of the extent of these soils is clearly needed to ensure the quality and completeness of the National Soil Survey database.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2011 - June 30, 2016

sponsor award ID

  • IDA01449