Rural Community Resilience and Climate Adaptation in Western Agricultural Landscapes Grant uri icon



  • The world climate is changing and not all regions will be affected the same. Both positive and negative on-the-ground outcomes will result and have local to landscape impacts for both individuals and collective groups such as communities. Very little is known about how agricultural landscapes, and the human systems within them, will respond and adapt over time because the nature of the change is unprecedented within modern life. This project seeks to identify and understand elements of adaptation among farmers and ranchers primarily so that our society can continue to prosper by their production of food as well as implementation of sustainable management practices. The implications for both food security and environmental health are significant at the scale of uncertainties within global climate change as well as the anticipated rate of change.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2017

sponsor award ID

  • IDA01474