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  • Current facilities at the Kambitsch Research Farm, which is located about 15 miles south of the University of Idaho Moscow campus, include a state of the art pesticide storage building with adjacent sprayer loading and cleaning pad, a 3,000 square foot shop and restroom facilities, a new well house, and a 6,000 square foot equipment storage facility; all constructed within the past 6 years. An old farmhouse and adjacent bunkhouse are located on the farm and currently occupied by the resident manager. The original part of the house was built about 90 years ago and there have been two additions to the original house, mostly recently in the 1950s. The house is in poor condition, and at best, is barely habitable. It is essential that the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station provide suitable living quarters for the on-site manager who provides needed security at the farm. Over 50 faculty, staff, and students routinely use facilities at Kambitsch Farm to conduct field research that provides solutions to regional, national, and international agriculturally important issues such as climate change effects on dry land small grain production, biofuel production, integrated pest management, crop variety development, and conservation farming. The research farm is located adjacent to US Highway 95, which is the main north-south highway in Idaho. Expensive plot and field-scale farm equipment is permanently and seasonally located at the facility, along with a weather station and instrumentation used to measure various factors in research plots. College of Agricultural and Life Science (CALS) beef cattle are pastured at the farm during the summer and fall. Continuous on-site security is required to protect field research, equipment and livestock. The existing farmhouse must be replaced rather than remodeled. It is expensive to heat and cool the house because it has little or no insulation in the walls or ceiling. The house has air leaks around window and door openings, holes for wires and pipes, and space between boards. The electrical wiring is old and is a potential fire hazard. Mice infest the walls and attic requiring year round trapping and poisoning. There is a serious black carpet beetle infestation throughout the house that requires repeated application of pesticides for control. A new 2,000 square foot manufactured home will replace the existing old farmhouse and bunkhouse, which will be demolished. The manufactured home will be placed on a new foundation that will be constructed approximately 100 feet west of the existing farmhouse. A new septic system will be installed along with new underground utility connections. The estimated cost is $200,000 to purchase and install the manufactured home, and demolish the old farm and bunk-house. The Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station (IAES) and CALS have provided funds to improve facilities and operations at Kambitsch Farm through the construction of a pesticide storage, loading and cleaning facility (~$250,000), a well pump house ($10,000), farm equipment storage building (($100,000), new farm equipment (~$150,000), and personnel (one new farm staff, ~$36,000 including fringe benefits).

date/time interval

  • March 1, 2013 - August 31, 2013

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  • IDA01480-STH



  • Bull, B   Co-Principal Investigator   2013
  • Patten, R   Co-Principal Investigator   2013
  • Thill, Donn   Principal Investigator   2013