Evaulation of Selected Rainbow Trout Lines Fed Grain-Based Diets under Farm Scale Conditions Grant uri icon



  • The proposed work is a joint effort to (1) determine the combinations of selected rainbow trout lines and diets that yield optimal production of food fish under farm-scale conditions, and (2) define the effects of new, more sustainable feed formulations on the reproductive capacity of selected rainbow trout lines. The new experimental diets being produced with grains from the USDA/ARS/ Aberdeen Small Grains and Potato germplasm unit will be fed to trout lines developed at NCCCWA and reared in large raceways of the type used in the rainbow trout industry. Various production and reproductive parameters, for example growth, survival and feed efficiency and fecundity and embryo survival will be measured to determine the optimal combination of fish genotype and diets for superior animal and low pollutant production. The results will provide a combination of improved fish and improved diet that will greatly enhance the sustainability of the trout industry and deliver a superior product to the consumer.

date/time interval

  • July 15, 2003 - July 14, 2008

sponsor award ID

  • 1930-31000-007-04S