Risk Assessment Using the Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model Grant uri icon



  • 1. Develop risk assessment protocols for RHEM - Fall 2008 2. Develop parameter estimation relationships/procedures for disturbed site conditions such as fire and juniper (Ke, Kss, Kf, ff, tc) - May 2008 3. Assist Tucson effort in developing parameter estimation procedures for the basic infiltration (Ke) and sheet erosion (Kss) parameters - January 2008 4. Assist Tucson effort in designing & coding model interface to represent risk assessment and parameterization protocols - May 2009 5. Assist other project scientists with model documentation - September 2009 In the fall of 2009, the RHEM technology will be ready for application to assess runoff and erosion on NRI or similar data points and to run scenarios for alternative management scenarios in order to assess the effects of alternative rangeland management practices on hydrologic and erosional states as part of NRCS Conservation Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP)

date/time interval

  • September 26, 2007 - August 12, 2011

sponsor award ID

  • 5362-13610-009-04S