Design of a Subsoil Granular Polyacrylamide Application System Grant uri icon



  • Design and test an application system for uniformly applying granular material, specifically polyacrylamide (PAM), behind a subsoil shank. Extension to 8/31/2007 and $5000 FY06 fund transfer to modify the prototype granular distributor to uniformly apply fertilizer six to eight inches deep. The current design uniformly applies granular material in a sixteen inch deep strip behind a one inch wide subsoil shank. A modification of this design could be used to apply dry fertilizer with strip tillage. Strip tillage is becoming popular for farmers planting row crops after a high residue crop. Strip tillage clears residue from a four to six inch wide strip and tills the soil four to eight inches deep with a single shank in each strip. Liquid fertilizer is typically applied at one depth during strip tillage. Using dry granular fertilizer would allow commercially available air seeders to be used with strip tillage. Applying fertilizer uniformly over the four to eight inch tillage depth may improve crop yield compared to banding at one depth.

date/time interval

  • September 22, 2004 - August 31, 2007

sponsor award ID

  • 5368-12000-009-01S