Socioeconomic Impacts of Woodbased Biofuels Development Strategies on Northern Rocky Mountain Communities in the Northwest Grant uri icon



  • This project aims to support development of a liquid biofuel industry that benefits rural communities in the northern Rockies, while meeting regional and national liquid biofuel production goals. The specific project goal is to determine the optimal strategies and technologies for integrating woody biomass feedstocks from the northern Rockies into liquid biofuel production in the larger Northwest region. In determining which approaches are optimal, our analysis will consider the current supply, accessibility, and uses of woody biomass in the northern Rockies, as well as local needs and priorities as identified by community leaders and economic development professionals. To make sure that local knowledge and perspectives help shape the project, we are forming an advisory board that includes local stakeholders along with technical experts. In addition, as we develop alternative scenarios for using the regions woody biomass for liquid biofuel production, we will interview local and state elected officials, economic development professionals, industry, and other key stakeholders about their knowledge and perceptions of benefits, obstacles and tradeoffs of different bioenergy development scenarios.

date/time interval

  • December 15, 2012 - December 14, 2015

sponsor award ID

  • IDAW-2012-00948