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  • This project proposes to increase the number and quality of secondary instructors providing science, technology, engineering, agriculture and math (STEAM) education through attendance of a Dual Credit Food Science workshop. The National Research Council has forecast an increasing need for students completing agricultural post-secondary degrees, and in particular food science, in order address global food safety issues. Idaho has a high secondary graduation rate, but low attendance and completion rates in food science and STEAM post-secondary majors.Beneficiaries of this project will be secondary agriculture, science and pre-service instructors delivering a college credit food science course in Idaho secondary schools. Secondary education students will be impacted through increased educational and career opportunities, and improved STEAM curriculum. Importantly, the student attending the Dual Credit course will be better prepared to complete food science and STEAM degrees. The workshop attendees will produce problem-and inquiry-based classroom and laboratory exercises that will be posted on a web-based eLearning system that supports the food science course. The eLearning system will be available to all instructors in Idaho adopting the Dual Credit course. Outcomes of the project will be (1.) increased offerings of Dual Credit Food Science courses at secondary schools, (2.) increased enrollment and retention of secondary students in food science and STEAM majors in post-secondary programs, and (3.) an expanded offering of inquiry-based teaching material available to secondary instructors in both science and agriculture courses. Additional impacts will be improved instructional and curricular interactions between secondary and post-secondary educators.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2015

sponsor award ID

  • IDAW-2012-01150