Expanded Controller Interface Device In/Out and Software Capabilities Grant uri icon



  • The CID II is the result of several years of hardware and software development through NIATT. The proposed project has three main purposes. The first, and primary task is to improve the documentation of the CID software to make it easier for future students/ or faculty members to develop new software applications for the CID.

    The second project objective if the project is expanding the capability of the CID for applications where the number of input/output connections limit performance. The proposed design would use the existing CID hardware with modifications to the software and possibly the firmware to allow paralleling of CIDs. Possible applications include: communicating with master and slave controllers, fully utilizing NEMA d-connectors, and communicating with traffic controllers for more than one intersection.

    The third objective of the project is to investigate a new application area for the CID technology through developing and testing a prototype to use the CID and CORSIM simulation to test traffic controller compliance to NTCIP communication standards.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2004 - January 1, 2007