Modeling and Application of Catalytic Ignition in Internal Combustion Engines Grant uri icon



  • Combusting ethanol-water fuels with a Catalytic Plasma Torch (CPT) promises to reduce pollutant emissions from low-compression as well as high-compression engines. This project involves studying the performance of catalytic igniter in a flow reactor and a converted 8-cylinder spark ignition engine in a transit van. We will continue to collaborate closely with the supplier of the catalytic igniter technology, Automotive Resources Incorporated, which is located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Our goal is to obtain high quality performance and emissions data and to use these data to predict performance in a variety of operating environments and benchmark combustion modeling efforts. This research is intended to generate data that facilitates future engine conversions and to demonstrate feasibility of catalytic igniter technology for alternative fuels on diverse engine platforms.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2003 - January 1, 2004