Characterization of Catalytic Igniter Performance and Emissions Grant uri icon



  • NIATT's Small Engine Laboratory (SEL) provides key support to graduate engine research as well as undergraduate vehicle competitions. Maintaining the SEL infrastructure and managing the day-to-day access of student groups will enable us to continue providing quality support. Completing installation of the Cooperative Fuels Research (CFR) variable compression ratio engine test stand gives us a unique platform for experimental engine work. We will collaborate with industry and government partners in the development of commercial igniters for a variety of engine platforms and fuels. This includes additional chemical kinetic studies and fundamental experiments on catalytic ignition temperature and combustion efficiency with our catalytic flow reactor. As part of our research, we contribute to activities and publications of the Combustion Institute as well as the Society of Automotive Engineers. We remain committed to educating the public about clean vehicle technology in forums such as the ITD North Idaho Tour, the UI Engineering Design Exposition, and the Discovery Center of Idaho program on alternative fuels.

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  • January 1, 2005 - January 1, 2007