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  • The goal of the FY1999 ITS Deployment Project (ACHD project #70045 and ITD project # ITS-003 (128) Key #7893) is to provide the information needed by the transportation agencies in the Treasure Valley to operate and manage the region's transportation systenm and the information needed by region's travelers to make optimal use of the region's transportation system. The timely availability of this information is an essential element of any future ITS system. Both the transportation agencies and the traveling public need real-time information on how the transportation system is performing. Gathering real-time informatin, disseminating the information, and using this information to make decisions are the three essential elements of this project. This goal will be achieved by developing an integrated freeway and arterial traffic information system.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2002 - January 1, 2004