Development and Evaluation of Performance Tests To Enhance Superpave Mix Design Grant uri icon



  • The purpose of this engineering project is to support current efforts at the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to implement the asphalt Superpave mix design method in Idaho. The work will focus on performance tests with high potential to support the current Superpave mix design system to allow for more quantitative evaluation of the mix performance at the mix design stage. In addition, the quantitative performance test could also be used for field quality control.

    The proposed research project is planned in three phases: • Phase A, which addresses the evaluation of the mix resistance to deformation. It investigates the development and integration of the Contact Energy Index (CEI), Dynamic Modulus, and APA tests as indicators of the mix stability and resistance to deformation. • Phase B, which addresses the evaluation of mix resistance to fracture and cracking. It investigates the development of a new fracture toughness test. • Phase C is for the implementation of research products and developing a training program for ITD personnel. The training phase will include developing training materials and conducting workshops either at UI campus or at ITD depending on the nature of the workshops.

    This project is also supported by the U. S. Department of Transportation DTOS59-06-00029 under the project number KLK479.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2008 - January 1, 2010