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  • Surface erosion, sedimentation, and shallow-seated slope failures in Idaho present a significant challenge to roadway construction and maintenance. Erosion, soil movement, and slope failure affect the quality or surface waters in the state and result in heavy fines. ITD is constantly under scrutiny for excessive soil movement and slope failures that result in fines and lengthy lawsuits. ITD and consultants have recently paid fines in excess of $1.9 million associated with violations for sediment accumulations and storm water discharges into water bodies after BMPs failed or were neglected. Past research identified native plant species that displayed characteristics or best potential for long-term establishment on roadside revegetation projects, provided seed germination results in ideal conditions in a greenhouse setting, and provided some initial plant establishment data for field applications, as well as generated ideas on how to get plant species established in the field. This project will apply selected native plant species in the field where growing conditions are not as favorable and help ITD addresd specific revegetation site requirements, as well as determine the most effective ways to provide for the long term establishment of native revegetation, as well as identify those species that can reduce surface erosion and sedimentation and prevent weed encroachment.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 2009 - January 1, 2012