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  • Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) is the total annual volume of traffic passing a point in both directions, divided by 365. AADT values are critical for numerous transportation planning and traffic engineering activities; however, collecting AADT information is time consuming and expensive. One way to estimate AADT is through multiple regression using characteristics of the roadway, such as speed limit, number of lanes, and adjacent population. Previous studies have demonstrated the potential of using multiple regression to estimate AADT for county roads and state highways; this project will develop a new method to estimate AADT for the streets of small- and medium-sized communities. The project will expand and refine the findings from a pilot study wherein a cutting edge technique called space syntax was used to estimate AADT. The pilot study demonstrated that space syntax can help create a reliable model for AADT that is quick, easy to use, and requires very minimal data. Other models require substantial data that are often not even useful for small- and medium-sized communities.

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  • January 1, 2012