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  • Thesis (M.F.A., English)--University of Idaho, June 2014 | "Visions in Blindsight" is a collection of lyrical poems that traces the poet's struggle to grapple with the mystery of human experience. Throughout the collection, a tension is created as dreams, visions, and confrontations with the ecstatic and divine push up against the quotidian and the sensory experiences of the body. The specter of the great Austro-Hungarian poet Rainer Maria Rilke haunts this text: his unique spiritual vision, his devout attention to music and the line, and his passionately romantic, uncompromisingly imaginative worldview are all inspirations. At times literal and concrete, at times challengingly abstract, these small songs aim - above all - at challenging the reader to feel deeply and to embrace those sensations and perceptions that defy definition.

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  • June 1, 2014


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