Modeling, Design, and Optimization of a High-Speed Flywheel for an Energy Storage System Thesis uri icon



  • Thesis (M.S., Mechanical Engineering) -- University of Idaho, 2016 | Flywheel energy storage systems (FESS) operating at high angular velocities have the potential to be an energy dense, long life storage device. Effective energy dense storage will be required for the colonization in extraterrestrial applications with intermittent power sources. High-speed FESS may outperform batteries in efficiency, charge cycle life, and energy density. To operate at high angular velocities, high-strength, light weight composites will be needed for structural integrity. This thesis describes modeling and design of a high-speed hubless rotor utilizing wrapped, continuous fiber composites. The materials needed for motor/generator operations will be included in this design. With the use of a heuristic optimization method, the maximum design and angular velocity will be found such that structural integrity will be maintained.

publication date

  • June 1, 2016