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  • In this EAGER proposal, the PI has proposed, as a supplementary educational activity to the Integrated Characterization of Energy, Clouds, Atmospheric state, and Precipitation at Summit (ICEAPS) atmospheric-science project (ARC- 0856773), to engage in a formal distance-learning activity with students in Idaho in which students would use off-the-shelf and relatively inexpensive hand-held devices to conduct experiments analogous to those researchers conduct in Greenland, as part of ICECAPS, with far more sophisticated equipment.

    In discussions with the PI, it has been decided that this project will be recommended for funding as a pilot, both to see whether the technological capacity exists to carry out the kinds of instruction the PI envisions, but also to see whether the ICECAPS distance-learning project (Adventure Learning @ Greenland) can be made to dovetail with and enhance Science in Education Week, an activity involving U.S. students that is part of the Denmark, Greenland, U.S.-supported Joint Science Education Project (JSEP).

date/time interval

  • June 15, 2012 - February 28, 2013

total award amount

  • 58,392