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  • 0243885 Wells

    This award funds a three-year Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site at the University of Idaho for ten students for research opportunities in computational neuroscience and technology research. The program is designed as an eight-week summer experience. Five faculty members from three disciplines will serve as mentors. Students will choose from diverse research topics including cell patterns in regenerated retina, retinal patterning in mutant zebrafish, simulation of artificial neuron circuits, integrated circuit layout of artificial neurons, design and testing of adaptation algorithms, discovery of new artificial neural network topologies via evolutionary computing, and computer analysis of neuron and glial cell models. Students will be fully integrated into their mentor's research groups and will develop collegial relationships by participating in scholarly and recreational activities such as bi-weekly REU research forums, lunches with professional and academic role models, evening dinner seminars, a workshop on ethics, and weekend field trips led by mentors. The program will address the nations need to increase the pool of researchers from population groups underrepresented in science and engineering by incorporating recruitment efforts to attract women, Native Americans, and Hispanic Students. Students majoring in biological science, electrical/computer engineering, computer science, and mathematics that have completed their sophomore or junior year will be eligible. Participants will gain first-hand insights into scientific procedures while earning a competitive edge in entering and successfully completing graduate research programs.

date/time interval

  • March 15, 2004 - February 28, 2007

total award amount

  • 232,222