Workshop Support: Development of a Cyberinfrastructure for Research and Education in Structural Geology, Idaho, October 2003 Grant uri icon



  • A two-day workshop is being held at the University of Idaho facility in McCall, Idaho in October, 2003 to identify the cyberinfrastructural needs of the structural geology community. The goals of the workshop are to: (1) identify the database needs and analysis tools required by modern structural geologists, (2) outline a vision for the architecture of a structural geology cyberinfrastructure and its relation to existing or planned cyberinfrastructural initiatives in the earth sciences, (3) initiate a discussion on data standards, required metadata, and information formats for databases, and (4) develop a strategy for community involvement and implementation of the cyberinfrastructure. Participants consist of about 25 structural geologists representing a wide range of expertise. Many of the participants have experience in database development, information management, and the application of data analysis tools. The findings of the workshop are being presented to the structural geology community at the National Meeting of the Geological Society of America. The final report will be published in GSA Today and will be presented to the National Science Foundation together with recommendations for implementation of the structural geology cyberinfrastructure.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2005

total award amount

  • 31,533



  • Oldow, John   Principal Investigator   2003 - 2005