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  • Abstract Proposal Title: SGER Electrochemical Detection of Peroxide-Based Explosives Proposal Number: CBET-0707038 Principal Investigator: I. F Cheng, Institution: University of Idaho

    From an Intellectual Merit perspective, there is an urgent need for methods and techniques that are able to detect quantitatively and qualitatively peroxide based explosives. The basic chemistries for such endeavor have not been fully described. This investigation will examine the electrochemical mediation of the Fenton Reaction as a basis for detection of this class of explosives. The mediation takes place as a result of the homogeneous Fenton Reaction and the electro-reduction of an FeIII complex to FeII. FeIIcomplex + RO-OR FeIIIcomplex + RO- + RO.. The current due to the electro-reduction of the FeIII complex is proportional to the square root of the peroxide concentration. The process is expected to be rapid, robust, and inexpensive. The proposed study will examine the detection limits, kinetics and the role of the chelate of that iron complex. The latter is based on considerations of the structure-activity relationships developed by cyclic voltammetric studies.

    This Small Grant for Exploratory Research (SGER) seeks to prove that this novel approach to detection of peroxide based explosives can be utilized and will have Broader Impacts. If successful, the PI anticipates that this SGER proposal will lead to a more detailed EXP proposal where the Fentons Reagent-based system will be further explored and characterized within a carefully crafted experimental and teaching plan, additionally the PI may seek further funding for these concepts from other government agencies as well as other NSF program elements.

date/time interval

  • February 15, 2007 - January 31, 2009

total award amount

  • 70,032