Equipment for Measurement and Analysis of Dynamic Behavior of Advanced Composite Materials Grant uri icon



  • A significant gap exists in composite materials technology in the area of dynamic mechanical behavior studies. Research to date has focused primarily on studies of static behavior and properties. Current and anticipated applications of these materials also require an understanding of their behavior under dynamic loading conditions. Recent research at the University of Idaho has emphasized the measurement and prediction of dynamic response and the use of dynamic testing techniques to characterize the structural integrity of composite materials. The research involves the development of analytical and experimental techniques for characterizing dynamic mechanical properties of composites, the development of composite materials with improved noise and vibration damping capacity, the characterization of material properties and material integrity by the use of dynamic measurements, and the study of dynamic characteristics of composite interfaces and viscoelastic adhesive joints. This research has identified several key problems and the equipment provided by this grant will be used for addressing and solving those problems.

date/time interval

  • June 15, 1987 - November 30, 1988

total award amount

  • 46,190