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  • Molecular Science, fundamental to all of science and engineering (S&E) is viewed as: the University of Idaho's strongest research area; an area that can be gradually strengthened at other Idaho institutions; and an important discipline in Idaho's future. The goals of Idaho's Implementation Plan for the Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) are to: a) improve the quality of basic molecular science research at the University of Idaho; b) enhance the ability of molecular science faculty in Idaho to compete successfully and consistently for Federal research funds. Specifically, Idaho EPSCoR objectives are to: a) support targeted S&E faculty in molecular science to advance Idaho's national competitive position; b) improve the research environment in Idaho; c) raise public awareness of the importance of S&E research; d) develop self-sustained involvement in S&E in Idaho; and e) build strong ties between faculty researchers in Idaho universities and nationally competitive academic and industrial researchers. In keeping with NSF's EPSCoR Program goals, significant progress will continue to be made in meeting these broad objectives by the action of Idaho's legislature, industry and universities, and by the implementation of this proposal. The proposal includes three exciting aspects including a national mentor system promoting active participation of researchers at other Idaho universities, and a mini-grant program to identify and support new faculty and ideas for Idaho's development program.

date/time interval

  • May 1, 1989 - October 31, 1993

total award amount

  • 1,960,000