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    This award is to the University of Idaho to support the activity described below for 36 months. The proposal was submitted in response to the Partnerships for Innovation Program Solicitation (NSF 0082).

    The partners include the University of Idaho; Clear Springs Food; Rangan Feeds; SeaPac; Fish Breeders of Idaho; Tribal Fish Commission; US Fish and Wildlife Service; Idaho Department of Fish and Game; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Boise State University; Idaho State University; Washington State University; University of Idaho at Hagerman.

    Proposed Activities
    The activities include research on aquaculture; development of broodstock for specific aquaculture needs; development of feeds that meet requirements of environmental protection and aquaculture; technology transfer; education and training in biology, nutrition, genetics.

    Proposed Innovation
    The collaborating representatives involving scientists from universities, native American tribes, industry, and government all associated independently with different aquaculture affiliated programs or products will bring the components that supply, produce manage, regulate, and market fish, fish feeds, and recreation to resolve the problems facing aquaculture to create an expanded industry.

    Potential Economic Impact
    Fish products account for $11B in the US trade deficit (the US imports 65% of the annual fish food consumption). The world supply of fish products is limited, requiring aquaculture to meet the growing demand. Environmental concerns over wastes from current aquaculture will be costly and will need addressing. Sport fishing and fish for aquarium hobbyists also have a large economic base that can benefit from the results of this innovation activity.

    Potential Societal Impact
    Increased capacity to provide fish as a foodstuff will require aquaculture for an increasing societal demand. Clean water from the "waste" products from the aquaculture industry will have environmental impact. Sport fishing for recreation is another societal benefit.

date/time interval

  • October 1, 2000 - September 30, 2004

total award amount

  • 564,709