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  • The goal of the research is to enhance the development of product requirements through a better understanding of customer requirements. Customer requirements are those things that customers would like to see realized in a product and are usually represented qualitatively before concepts are developed. Product requirements are quantitative, and measurable parameters of a product that will satisfy customer requirements. For example, a customer requirement for the ON-OFF button of a remote control may be that "it gives a snap feedback response against my finger when I push it". From this information, the product team needs to develop product requirements to define the product, such as "return force = 6 N" and "button travel = 0.5 centimeters". This research is a multidisciplinary effort joining expertise in engineering and marketing along with industrial involvement for an endeavor that is both applicable and relevant. Product requirements that are quantitative and measurable are essential for product definition. For design projects that involve several individuals, a documented set of requirements is essential for project management and reaching consensus among team members. Furthermore, developing product requirements is an essential step in current design methods, such as Quality Function Deployment, and Value Engineering.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 1991 - May 31, 1995

total award amount

  • 240,000