Microcomputers and Laboratory Improvement in Geography at the Undergraduate Level Grant uri icon



  • The goal of the project is to expand and improve the existing curriculum and teaching capabilities in computer-assisted cartography, geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing in the Department of Geography, University of Idaho. The new laboratory equipment includes PC workstations, data input and output devices (digitizers and plotters) and a local area network to provide transfer capability of files from IBM compatible workstations to Macintosh workstations as well as with the campus-wide electronic network. This will provide a versatile laboratory for undergraduate instruction in computer assisted geographic information technologies. A series of lab sessions based on the proposed equipment has been designed that will address a missing component of the curriculum, learning and mastering tools and skills to address theoretical problems and applied techniques needed in the present computer-aided job market. The laboratory improvement is part of a larger development program for the College of Mines and Earth Resources.

date/time interval

  • August 15, 1992 - July 31, 1995

total award amount

  • 28,500