Acquisition of a Powder X-ray Diffractometer Grant uri icon



  • Sixteen UI engineering and physical science research faculty and their coworkers, united under the interdisciplinary research umbrella of the Institute for Materials and Advanced Processes (IMAP), share common interests in the preparation, characterization, and behavior of metallic and ceramic materials. Reliable, rapid and locally available analyses for the identification and structural characterization of experimental products are critical to the continued success of established research programs. Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) is recognized as the most reliable, expeditious analytical method generally available for the determination of the structures of these noncrystalline materials. In addition, other details revealed by XRD analyses often suggest new areas of investigation. Access to this powder X-ray diffractometer will promote significant competitive research in materials science, geology, and chemistry. IMAP engineers and scientists and members of their research groups have been identified as immediate users of the powder XRD. Additionally, the diffractometer is expected to be used for future collaboration between these faculty and nearly a dozen of their engineer/scientist colleagues across campus during multidisciplinary research sponsored by IMAP and by other UI research institutes/centers and external agencies. Five proposals from six IMAP investigators follow.

date/time interval

  • July 1, 1993 - December 31, 1994

total award amount

  • 80,000