Processing Mechanical Property Correlations of Combustion Synthesized Titanium Diboride - Zirconia Grant uri icon



  • 9315057 Bhaduri The ultimate objective of the proposal is to produce zirconia toughened titanium diboride matrix composites by the novel "Combustion Synthesis" or "High Temperature Self Propagating Synthesis" route. The project seeks to achieve one step densification by carrying out carefully planned experiments incorporating transformable zirconia in elemental blends of powders. Zirconia plays two important roles; 1) control the exothermic reaction, 2) impart enhanced toughness to the brittle titanium diboride matrix by the process of transformation toughening. Thermodynamic analyses will also be carried out in order to analyze the effect of the addition of zirconia. %%% The aim of the proposed research is to produce toughened titanium diboride matrix composite materials to retain the beneficial hardness properties of titanium diboride while reducing its brittleness and increasing numerous applications such as coatings for cutting tools will benefit from the research proposed. ***

date/time interval

  • July 1, 1994 - June 30, 1998

total award amount

  • 181,711