R/R: Seismic Rehabilitation of Architectural Precast Panels Grant uri icon



  • CMMI-9318776, PI-NIELSON: Existing architectural precast curtain wall panels may have nonductile connection details that are prone to failure in strong earthquakes. They also may have experienced significant corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Corrosion of the bars anchoring the panel connection inserts likewise reduces the strength and ductility of the panel connections. This project conducts a study to investigate remedial procedures which will increase the seismic integrity of the panels during earthquakes. Successful rehabilitation schemes are developed to satisfy the following criteria: (1) provide adequate strength to resist both seismic code design forces and forces generated by structural response to actual earthquake ground motions, (2) provide adequate ductility to accommodate realistic interstory drifts, (3) accommodate a variety of structural framing schemes including both steel and reinforced concrete, (4) be practical and economical, requiring minimal disruption of a building's functions, and (5) reduce or eliminate the possibility of corrosion of the panel reinforcement, and possibly reduce the seismic dead load and lateral design load for the structure. Research tasks to achieve these are: (1) Construct and test nonductile connection details. (2) Design appropriate repair schemes. (3) Construct and test repair details and verify their performance. (4) Perform dynamic analyses of full-panel repair systems. This project is supported under the NSF Initiative "Repair and Rehabilitation Research for Seismic Resistance of Structures."

date/time interval

  • February 15, 1994 - July 31, 1997

total award amount

  • 199,550