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  • 93-50539 Shreeve Idaho Systemic Improvement Plan The state of Idaho has a strategic vision - a clear image of what it wants to achieve - and a strategic plan to reach its goals. The vision is simple, confident and reality-based: a) to identify and develop a research capability in areas where Idaho scientists/engineers can first establish regional preeminence and subsequently to use that research strength and capacity to emerge as a national leader; b) to have its institutions of higher education gain a national reputation for their educational superiority based upon a foundation of individual fulfillment in a dynamic environment which promotes growth in science, engineering and mathematics education and research; and c) to have a network of activities which provides for human resource development and which introduces faculty/student research - and the knowledge that the research generates - to the region's private sector industries and federal laboratories. The years of the Idaho NSF EPSCoR I program (FY 1989-92) were extraordinary in terms of positioning the state to reach these goals. EPSCoR I has helped Idaho to help itself. As a result, the state is now fully committed to a systematic, systemic improvement program for continuous development - in quality and quantity - in science and engineering (S&E) research and education at each of its institutions.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 1993 - August 31, 1999

total award amount

  • 7,460,000