U.S.- European Cooperative Research: Scandinavian Business Locations in the Former Soviet Baltic Frontier Grant uri icon



  • 9401940 Johansen This three-year award supports U.S.-Scandinavia-Baltic cooperation in regional sciences and economics. The principal investigators are: Harley Johansen of the University of Idaho; Folke Snickars of Sweden's Royal Institute of Technology; and Inna Shteinbuka of the Latvian Ministry of Finance. The investigators propose to explore business development by Scandinavian firms in the Baltic States and Russian Federation. They will investigate patterns associated with the movement of western firms into the region and with regional development and processes. The project will start with a case study of a Finnish oil company and their Baltic strategy for locating petrol stations. This will be followed by studies on Swedish and Norwegian firms. The project takes advantage of Scandinavian experience and longstanding ties to the region and access to data and information. The Swedish investigator heads an important program in regional sciences and economics and brings to this collaboration his expertise and ties to the Latvian Ministry of Finance and University of Latvia. Investment in private enterprise, especially in the form of joint ventures between western companies and local partners, is a priority for Latvia and the other Baltic States and Russian Federation. The project will form a foundation for understanding the process and geographic patterns associated with movement of western firms. Its results will be useful to Baltic economists; to development of market companies in the region; and to western companies who have an interest in investing in the former Soviet Union. ***

date/time interval

  • August 15, 1994 - July 31, 1998

total award amount

  • 28,068