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  • The goCognitive project provides access to online resources for the teaching and learning of cognitive neuroscience. The project creates new and meaningful web-based teaching contexts within neuroscience education. The web-based project combines interactive demonstrations and laboratory simulations with student-conducted interviews of prominent researchers. The project supplements course materials and provides students with research tools to conduct small-scale, behavioral studies within the classroom context. The project allows students, independent of geographical location, to experience prominent researchers in the field of cognitive neuroscience through video materials. The project builds on the results of a project supported by the Idaho State Board of Education. Information from a needs assessment informs the on-going development of the website and resources that are tailored to the needs of faculty teaching neuroscience and students who are learning neuroscience. The project draws on and combines expertise in cognitive neuroscience/cognitive psychology and in the development of web-based instructional products to produce project materials. Evaluation includes web-metrics to assess usage, course-based evaluations to assess and document classroom instruction, evaluation activities to test the efficacy and impact of project resources. The evaluation of the project has the potential to inform the design and implementation of the evaluation of web-based resources in educational settings.

date/time interval

  • August 1, 2010 - July 31, 2013

total award amount

  • 199,396