The Behavior of Rhenium and Osmium in Hydrothermal Solutions: An Experimental Reconnaissance Study Grant uri icon



  • 9614773 Wood This proposal aims to address the lack of data on the behavior of Re and Os in hydrothermal solutions with a series of reconnaissance solubility experiments to be conducted under a broad range of carefully constrained conditions. The study has the following objectives: 1) determine those conditions under which Re and Os are most soluble and place constraints on the conditions under which they might be mobile in nature; 2) obtain preliminary evidence as to the nature of the predominant dissolved metal species in solution (e.g., chloride complex, bisulfide complex, oxyanion); 3) determine the feasibility of further experimentation designed to obtain detailed stoichiometric and thermodynamic data. If successful, the results of this study could be of immense value in assisting in the interpretation of Re-Os systematics in a variety of geological environments. Furthermore, owing to the strong geochemical similarities between rhenium and technicium, knowledge of Re solubilities could be relevant to the evaluation of migration of this long-lived radionuclide in the near-field environment of deeply buried nuclear waste repositories.

date/time interval

  • January 1, 1997 - December 31, 1999

total award amount

  • 78,000