Purchase of 500-MHz MR Spectrometer Grant uri icon



  • This award from the Chemistry Research Instrumentation and Facilities (CRIF) Program, the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program and the Office of Multidisciplinary Activities (OMA) will assist the Department of Chemistry at University of Idaho to purchase a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer and accessories. This equipment will enhance research in a number of areas including the following: (1) organometallic chemistry, (2) porphyrin chemistry, (3) synthetic fluorine chemistry, (4) rational drug design, (5) humic acid chemistry, (6) selective ligands for metal complexation in supercritical fluids, and (7) theoretically interesting molecules. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the most powerful tool available to chemists for the elucidation of the structure of molecules. It is used to identify unknown substances, characterize specific arrangements of atoms within molecules, and to study the dynamics of interactions between molecules in solution. Access to state-of-the-art NMR spectrometry is essential to chemists who are carrying out frontier research. The results from these NMR studies are useful in the areas such as polymers, catalysis, and in biology.

date/time interval

  • September 1, 1997 - August 31, 2000

total award amount

  • 220,000