GOALI: Microwave Sintering of Auto-Ignition Synthesized Nano-Ceramics Grant uri icon



  • Bhaduri 9800009 This project involves both scientific issues as well as technical developments under one comprehensive project. From a scientific viewpoint, the project deals with synthesizing nanocrystalline ceramics and densifying them with an activated consolidation process such as microwave sintering. Nanocrystalline materials signify particulates with at least one dimension lOOnm (1nm 10-9 m) or less. These materials are expected to have altered physical and mechanical properties, provided they can be consolidated maintaining the nanocrystalline structure. However, this is a challenging job since densification occurs with concurrent grain growth. In this work, microwave sintering will be used as an activated consolidation process. Sintering schedule will be determined after measuring the high temperature dielectric properties of the powders. The technical developments will be carried out under the GOALI program wherein a consortium of several local industries will be involved. These industries represent a wide variety of products from powder production to cutting tool development as well electronic materials. Widespread interactions are expected to take place among the partners.

date/time interval

  • June 1, 1998 - September 30, 2004

total award amount

  • 270,014