Passive Vibration Suppression Using Nonlinear Electro-Mechanical Coupling Grant uri icon



  • PI's: Tony Anderson University of Idaho
    Michael Anderson University of Idaho

    Jonathan Blotter Idaho State University

    Proposal Number: 9978825

    Proposal Title: Passive Vibration Suppression using Nonlinear Electro-
    Mechanical Coupling


    The objective of this work is to develop a new class of passive vibration and acoustic suppression systems. Fundamentally, our approach is to couple the energy of two mechanical systems using reversible piezoelectric transducers connected with a passive electric circuit. The coupling is designed in such a way to use existing energy to cancel or reduce unwanted vibrations and/or sound radiation. Two arrangements are being considered: transfer of vibration energy from one structure to another, and transfer of vibration energy from one mode to another on a single structure. The first case employs a linear connecting circuit, while the latter employs a nonlinear connecting circuit to couple the energy. Mathematical models and solutions for four test cases are being developed and compared with experimental results. Holographic full-field measurements are used to determine the effectiveness of the method. This general approach is an improvement over a passive shunt technique in that the typically heavy electrical shunt is replaced with an existing mechanical component. It also has the advantage over active control techniques in that an external power source is not required. The primary impact of this work is that a new approach to the control of vibrations and acoustic radiation from structures will be developed. Reductions in system weight, cost, and complexity compared to current methods can be realized.

date/time interval

  • September 15, 1999 - August 31, 2002

total award amount

  • 235,647