Investigating the Impact of Educative Curricular Materials University of Idaho Seed Grant uri icon



  • The objective of this project is to discover the impact of Educative Curricular Materials (ECMs)—classroom materials designed to provide experiential professional development for teachers as they use them—on the teaching and learning of English at three rural resource-poor school sites in Nicaragua. Teachers in rural Nicaragua have little access to professional development (often lacking any teacher training), lack classroom materials, and often speak very little English. This project builds upon my previous groundwork of understanding the challenges of teaching in Nicaragua and relationships built with teachers. It aligns with Goal 1: Objective A and Goal 2: Objective B of University of Idaho’s Strategic Plan. Classroom observations, student and teacher interviews, academic products, and surveys will be qualitatively analyzed for teaching and learning changes. Results of this study have implications professionally, locally, regionally, in-country, and abroad. Dissemination of the project will take place through presentations and articles reaching English language teachers in various instructional contexts. Moreover, this study will inform my teaching here at University of Idaho, as I will be able to share the potential of ECMs as a low-cost, sustainable option for my teacher preparation students, future teachers of English, to incorporate into their own pedagogy and practice.