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The Idaho Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) aims to develop science-based answers to address issues faced by agriculture and food production systems in Idaho. Together with numerous partners, the University of Idaho will lead the Center to develop solutions and increase the economic viability and sustainability of agriculture.

Agriculture is an increasingly important part of Idaho’s economy. Efficient agricultural production that also protects Idaho’s natural resources and the environment requires research-based information to succeed.

The dairy industry has made significant advances in production efficiencies and environmental goals and practices. The dairy industry currently produces 59% more milk with 64% fewer cows since 1944. The number of cows per farm has increased and there has been a movement of dairy cows to the western United States with the greatest increases occurring in California and Idaho.

CAFE will be located in the Twin Falls area and the facility will house university faculty, staff and collaborates and research laboratories and classrooms. A research dairy and food processing pilot plant will also be on site to address key issues and challenges relevant to what these industries are facing. 

The Idaho CAFE will deliver research and education that will support a sustainable future for Idaho’s dairies, livestock operations and food processing industries. The center will link research, education and outreach in a public-private partnership to support the state of Idaho, generate jobs and support economic progress.

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