Digitizing the Donald E. Crabtree Lithic Comparative Collection in 2D and 3D Grant uri icon



  • The University of Idaho Library and Alfred W. Bowers Laboratory of Anthropology (Bowers Lab) will pursue a two-year project to digitize the Donald E. Crabtree Lithic Comparative Collection. This preeminent collection includes lithic (stone) artifacts created by Crabtree as well as documents, slides, and photographs related to his work. All collection materials will be digitized in 2D and made available via a specially created version of the Library’s in-house, open source web-based digital collection tool, CollectionBuilder. Two hundred exemplary artifacts will also undergo 3D photogrammetric digitization for inclusion in a “Virtual Lithics Lab,” giving website visitors a “hands-on” experience with these fragile artifacts. Making this hidden collection visible will reinvigorate interest in lithic technology and flintknapping (the creation of chipped lithic tools) among archaeologists, educators, students, and the general public as well as facilitate community dialogue about the appropriation of Indigenous knowledge.

total award amount

  • $240,205.83