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Timothy C Bartholomaus Associate Professor


Dr. Timothy Bartholomaus is a glaciologist, geophysicist and educator. His research reveals the factors controlling the rapid response of glaciers and ice sheets to environmental forcings.  He and his group pursue a fundamentally interdisciplinary approach to research.  They use seismology and other geophysical techniques to understand glacier dynamics, including iceberg calving, water flow through glaciers, and the ice flow response to variable glacier hydrology.  

Dr. Bartholomaus has led or participated in over 20 field expeditions to glaciers in Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica, and the continental U.S.  Through theory and numerical analysis, his group tests explanations for their glaciological observations.  This work is motivated by the need to understand rapid glacier change, its impact on sea level, and on landscape change.

Through his teaching and outreach, Dr. Bartholomaus develops insight into the processes shaping the earth surface, particularly the dynamism of the Earth's frozen landscapes: the cryosphere.  Inspiration for the study of these icy regions flows from their visually spectacular nature and their global impact on society.


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